Wednesday, February 20, 2013

See what's Trending: Chunk n layer Up your wrist!

I’m dreaming of layering wrist accessories. This trend has been seen on the runway, streets, and magazines. This look is super easy, edgy, and can get too busy – so make sure to avoid wearing rings and statement necklaces.

To start off, put on your favorite watch, which of course this season is an oversized men’s watch. The bold ones will sometimes go with multiple watches in different sizes and materials. Layer on bracelets of different materials, colors, beads, you name it. I love a beautiful cuff mixed in there as well. Stacks of bangles also looks great, which adds a more feminine vibe. I prefer only three or four bracelets, but some may feel more gratuitous.

So now, instead of waiting to use that one bracelet with that perfect outfit, throw it on with a couple other bracelets and bangles and you’ve got the perfect accessory. You can mix and match colors, but always start with consistent base – gold or silver. Rose gold goes with both. And sometimes, you can even throw in both gold and silver based jewelry – just make sure you use a duller gold with silver so the metals don’t clash. Here is how i wore mine:

 Remember to keep the right wrist bare so it dosent look too busy.

 Hope you see what i talk about no too much accessories on, NO Neckpiece, just a simple earing.

I matched the colors well init?

Get Started:
Call Wonu for your Wrist Watches|:| 08072520801, And for acessories Jewel by Iyunade and House of Keron and Biddy Mondo has few. See banner on the blog.

Good day lovers!


  1. Vry nyc me likey!

  2. I added her but she said she is out of it

    1. Hi dear, i understand Biddy's Mondo has for sale too, if u meant the assesories, so i just edited the post, do find her details on the homepage. Nice blog btw. Cheers.

  3. Very Nice!Good job Ella..Kudos 2 u!

  4. really beatiful wrist watch


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