Sunday, March 17, 2013

Look Fascinating in Hair Fascinator!!

A fascinator is a term used to describe a fancy form of headwear, the term originates from the 1700's where it was used to describe a fine head covering usually made from feathers, wool or lace. They also tended to be worn by men of fashion with their extravagantly plumed hats. It was towards the end of the 16th century that the extravagance of feathers found their way onto female rather than male heads. At the beginning of the 20th century the type of fascinator/hat worn was dependent on the activity being undertaken and high society women could have several fascinator/hat changes in one day. The term had mostly fallen into disuse but has made a huge comeback over the last ten years.
The meaning has changed slightly and fascinators are now usually a frivolous fun head decoration made from feathers, flowers, ribbons, beads or a number of other materials as used by myself Including wire, plastic, sinamay and crinoline. Fascinators are now almost exclusively worn by women!

Fascinators now come in all styles, shapes, sizes and colours and where as they were mainly worn for races and weddings, the introduction of celebrities wearing them for red carpet events, means they have made their way into our every day lives, with them being worn on cruises, at proms, bar mitzvah, christenings and even for nights out. Here is a collection of celebrities and the fascinators they have chosen. Click on a photograph to view a larger version.

Get the look! I wish my wonderful readers an amazing Christmas and an awesome New year in advance!!! Drop your bunz comment below.


  1. Ur blog is making a big of sense d way u show pics of diff pple who go on similar look.......nice one

  2. I love this assesories on women. It has a Porsche look.

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