Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Improvised OOTD: Peplum Skirt & Peplum Tup

Remember the peplum deficiency syndrome since 2011? Well, i just improvised a way to wear mine just last nite. After the stress of the "Monday'

 ....i got home tired and yet i said to myself, im tired if the whole lot of TREND! Now let me set mine!..lol..and so i came up with this. I have this Zara tup and suprizingly this Zara skirt too, i matched it and saw the amazing me in the mirro. Ok! So i picked up this Zara shoes from my closet too, and matched it up with same Zara Bag...hheeheheheh..abeg just call em *ZARAGIRL*...Lol..

 And i kept hearing my other self saying to me! 'Ella you killed it'! im like 'oh pls!!!', but still got rolling about my subconscience....Ok now!

Get your Zara tup from: HOK
Zara Skirt from: DGL
Zara Shoes from: (Got this in London)
Zara Bag: (Tennie Sleek)

Please check the blog (web version) to see Contact/banners of the Stores.

I have uploaded a video on Keek to explain this outfit, you can watch it On Keek: ellamo
Watch here: http://www.keek.com/!OhWybab

Pull a peplum skirt and tup today and email a picture to me....Nice day hun!

Thanks for stopping by! Your feedback keeps me going. Do follow on Instagram and Twitter @ellasucre, and Keek: @ellamo.  Cheers!


  1. The top is a must ve! Gf arrange 4 gurls nah!

  2. U go gurl! I love.

  3. This is rilly lovely mo. Please I'm in dire need of a peplum top, could your provide more details about the store? Thanks

    1. Hi dear. I just edited the post for the sake of this comment. They are all on the homepage , pls check banners. Cheers

  4. Zara girl killing it

  5. Trend ff and trend setter. How awesome. Il try mine to work and email you a pic #Bom

  6. Nice one. Ella I wasn't able to watch d video on keek,could only view ur profile.is it dat bb users can access it or wot? Old reply

    1. Hi dear, I'm guessing you need to have a Keek account to access the video. Il work out something on YouTube so it can be accessible to everyone. Thanks Hun.

  7. Watched it! Girl u shd be in front of the camera! Making faces!

  8. love your outfitt so pretty!!!
    any chance you could check out mine its a pretty new blog:)
    thankyou so much




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