Friday, March 15, 2013

Fashionista Of The Week: Adewale Aladejana

Hello sugars! Its another awesome friday! And my fashionista of today is Adewale Aladejana! Dude that can dress for Africa in a competition! Kilodem! We were school mate back in the Uni, and trust me, his fashion sense is been way back!Lets meet the chap himself!

Give us some basic info:
My name is Adewale Aladejana,studied Mass Comm at Bowen Uni.

So apart from fashion, what else?

I work at TY Danjuma Foundation, I am a writer, public speaker, poet and also run a blog where people celebrate God's goodness.

What is your greatest fashion pet-peeve?
I don't understand women who don't know how to dress! Its the eight wonder of the world to me!

What do you love about fashion?
The fact that you can be creative and dress up. I loove dressing up.

What can't you be caught doing?
wearing ugly shoes
What do you do for fun?
I shop, write, dance, lecture

Describe yourself in few words?
confident, stubborn, fun loving

What fashion item can't you do without?
A bottle of cologne. I don't feel complete without some cologne.

Anything to say about my blog?

Your blog is the ish! I constantly refer babes to your blog. You are a quality Eja Nla Ooooshe!

Thank you wale! Wale also runs a blog on Testimonies....yeah yeah, sounds like spirikoko abi? lol.. Trust me his a wasap pastor! lol.. you can also check the blog and drop a testimony too! You can get to meet him on: Twitter @walejana BBpin: 26373D60.

Its friday babies! And im a year plus with my Oga @ d tup today!...heheheh! Dont worry, il send you all an invite at due time!

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  1. Lvly! Hapi anniversary 'esu o ni ya yin o' ameen

  2. Yea wale dresses reli nice!!am never disapointed wen I see his dp on bb

  3. Yeah! Puffy deserves it cuz he dresses to "kill". He's got d look, height n dress sense n chooses his clothings well. Thumbs up to him, A̶̲̥̅♍ so proud of ya...

  4. Wale the dresser!cactus lomo

  5. Yeah! Puffy deserves it, he's got d look, height n a high level of dress-sense. Am so proud of u, thumbs up to Ɣ☺ΰ . More greese to ur elbow

  6. Thumbs up brother!!! You're my Role Model & deserve even more…

  7. congrats Ella, only few women have it all, you are one of them

  8. Wale, ‎i luv U̶̲̥̅̊Я dress sense, thumps up. Congrats Ella, rgds 2 U̶̲̥̅̊Я oga @ the top, he rocks. Holla

  9. I have always known Wale to be a fashionista. A man that speaks volume with his dress-sense without overdoing it!

  10. Hey bro! Nice one. Keep up the good dressing


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