Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chess Inspired: Checkered Graphic Design

It's the holy grail of fashion right now and a trend that the style world is far from doing by halves – the square is everywhere whether tiny, small or big.

The rise of the chess-inspired look began in Paris Fashion Week, when Raf Simons' first ready-to-wear show for Dior was staged in a giant white cube built especially for the occasion that featured a series of interconnecting white rooms linked by square windows.

This was followed up with Louis Vuitton's presentation, where paired-up models in squares-clad ensembles descended down the escalators and stepped onto a giant checkerboard catwalk in white and yellow.

And it seems it wasn't only fashionistas that fell in love with the French fashion house's checked collection – a slew of celebs have been spotted hitting the red carpet in the bold print, .

And do i wore mine to work today:::

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  1. Need to get the miss, one of these, classy and stylish. Ella you r quality

  2. Ella I seriously think u should be able 2 tell us hw much it cost 2 get one of these lovely dresses.

  3. Nice! But I think a plain shoe will go beta #justsaying.

    1. Yes guess you are right, and same time wrong,because today's fashion world is all patterned. She still killed it

  4. Gorgeous shoes and dress i need for shoes and dress please tell me

  5. Lovely...... Gorgeous....

  6. Ella so u had to keep us on hold on wot z trending till u got urs abi... #GodiswatchingU... Really nice tho + thank u.. Beta late dan never

  7. You dont run out of ideas??? Nice, ur not a fluke

  8. Fabulous fashionable dresses collection looking so nice. A big thanks for sharing with us !!


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