Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dress for Success/Work Appeal : Request post for the guys!

Im doing this post on request from few of my male reader. I really do hope its usefull guys! Every man who knows his fashion knows that Work appeal outfits is always an option, no matter how warm or cold it is. The spring heat, therefore, shouldn’t stop you from creating your own outfits with attitude

Put a Coloured suit on it
Mens suits come in a wide range of styles. Although the general idea is the same – to create an elegant and professional looking ensemble – it is the intricate detail that makes one suit different from another. Small changes in cuts, fabric weights, weaving patterns, and colors give each suit a unique look and character

A Pocket Square That Blooms
 Men nowadays have been shifting away from the style-oblivious stereotype to a more image-aware mold, paying increasing attention to things like the pocket square. Guys a decade ago would have scoffed at such a trivial detail; men today see the lack of it as a deal-breaker for any outfit.

If you’re out shopping for handkerchiefs, a good rule of thumb is to get a matching one for every color necktie you own. Color coordinating the details of your suit – the necktie, the pocket square and the socks – is always a no-fail option for the most hectic mornings

Put some ties on it
More of a fashion statement than a completely new style of necktie, this is something you should expect to see on a lot of guys in the upcoming months. Slackening the tie, in this case, isn’t really a slackening of standards; it’s more of the counter-statement to the image of the immaculately dressed man in formal-wear

Put a slashing color to you bottom
Aside from that ever available khaki color in all its shades, you should now also see pairs in less conventional colors like red, green and blue. They feature exactly the same comfy fabric and modern construction; it’s just the colors that have changed. It’s the perfect way to add something subtle yet interesting to your work outfits.

Put a Sweatshirt on it
I personal love this look! its just dapper! You can either wear inside or over..

Put a jacket on it
Its just simply classic on monochromes..

Pull a Polo on that blazer
It doesnt neccessarily have to be a shirt under the blazer all time, you should pull a polo and even a Tshirt..

Make a statement with bespokes
Forget the suits and put a bespokes blazers, they make statements and define your fashion forwardnes

Put a Velvet on it

Go bandless

Wear Shoes with Laces

I hope i meet your request guys? Do have a good day!
Happy birthday to CEO JustColors! Daily Fashion Tips wishes you many years and years ahead!

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  1. Thank you so much Ella, they are indeed useful. Yemi Adekunle from Abuja

  2. Just been checking older post and older post, mehn you ever blazing!!!! Cool stuff! I'm new here and I just bookmarked. Well done Ella Mo

  3. I learnt so much! Now I'm stepping my fAshion game up! I give2U Mo

  4. Now I'm gonna step up my fashion game! Gbayi Ella mo

  5. This is great news! I'm so spreading the word!

  6. Ella ooooooooshe! I am a dresser ooo, I have it locked down, if Ella proves it then its true. Nice one babes

  7. Hmm very cool outfits, how do I get original outfits in naija?


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