Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mide's Mane Hairs!!!! Get the celebrity look!!!!

Such a sunny and hot Saturday! But to put a smile on our face....Here comes the post we've all waited for! Its my absolute pleasure to introduce to you...MIDE'S MANE HAIRS!!! I call it The Celebrity Hair...coz its a hair so heavenly! On an interview with the CEO herself, here's the story of her hair that has gone round the universe! Enjoy dearies!

Mide's Mane was birthed out of the need for authentic, PURE virgin hair that lasts. Our products are top notch, premium quality and the best you can find on the planet! (Yes, We said it!) We offer rare virgin hair textures that are unequalled and second to none in wefts, bulk and closures.  Our textures are unprocessed with cuticles intact.  They can be bleached, highlighted and dyed.

Our Luxury virgin brand is unique and sourced from completely new countries (Brazil and India not included). The textures are silky, soft and absolutely tangle FREE!

Mide’s Mane offers a range of professional hair care products for maintenance of your weaves and natural hair. Being a Nigerian Brand, our hair textures are given local names relating to beauty and radiance.

Tired of being ripped off  by ‘virgin’ hair merchants? Tired of purchasing acid hair at ridiculous prices only to wash it and get harsh animal hair? Well, you’re in the right place because Mide’s Mane is as good as it gets! Our PURE virgin textures come with a 2 year guaranty. Whats more, we also offer after sales services such as hair care, maintainance and treatment.

Get your heavenly hair today! Call Mide herself on :
Phone No: +2347044444630-2
BB Pin: 27305B0B
Check their Web:
Facebook Page:

Meanwhile i have a good news for us!! Mide's Mane is starting her sales on on Tuesday, so HURRY!!!

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  1. Omg! They are indeed heavenly!

  2. Can see Linda Ikeji is rocking her hair too! Wow....

  3. I'm getting my girl one of these :D

  4. I look heavenly in one of those too

  5. Let know abt d price range! Ur product is cool...

  6. Hello. Please reach her on any of the contacts above. Cheers.


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