Tuesday, March 26, 2013

RP: Low-cut/Locks/Kinks: How i came about the look!

When they say another man's awwww is another man's ewwww....Its so true! Sometimes ago, when i cut my hair, i got some readers dropping insane comments, some even said i was ugly lol..Like serzly! ...Yet again, i got mails from readers and even pings, calls and messages from readers and friends, wanting to know what i did to my hair, confessing how awesome it look to them...lol..

As you all know your wish is my headache: so i worked on this request post for all mailers who did want it.
So the first picture is my look when i had the hair cut, i maintained it with the above Kits:
Hair Moose: This is used to give the hair an upright and edgy look. (All products availabe at Shoprite)

Shea Butter: Rather than use normal hair cream, its only natural to use shea butter cream to enhance naturality of the hair, such that it doesnt look too superficial with the harsh and few others organics and chemical.

Hair Curls cream: This should be used once in two weeks, as its just to give the hair a little difference. look.

Hair Shampoo & Conditioner: Its advisable to buy this combiation because the whole idea of a short hair is too keep kinks which should be a little hard as its almost same care procedures as locks.

Here i tried the lock and twist people call dreads. This really didnt last long when i saw Solange and yvonne's hair...lol..Im talking about their kinks! Loved it that i unlocked and got this look below:

So i started from the top, and now im here! Lol... This is how i came about the kinks. I hope the steps i have expanciated is usefull to those who requested for this. To get more tips on beautifying and keeping a short hair, pls visit Adunola Egbeyemi's blog for more clarification:www.tzipporahskinks.blogspot.com

To get more products for maintenance of the hair add pin: 28872BD8.

Have a nice day ya'all...

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  1. Am in lv wit dis hair dts'all

  2. I'm Adejoke, I mailed you on this post. Thankyou Ellamo, but pls u didn't tell what kits you used for your dreads

  3. Not every girl can do this

  4. True talk! No lady can pull this and still be this beautiful

  5. Nice one babe. Please where do you work?

  6. I love you blog ella ..keep on d good work..#natural hair #self love

  7. Hi ella visit dis blog http://www.africanaturalistas.com/2013/03/product-junkie-yes-but-not-anymore.html?m=1. Am sure u will be inspired

  8. Hmm,just went on low cut and mehn I'm inspired by ur look. I think I'll do d dread and lock stuff


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