Saturday, March 23, 2013

Getting out in this heat?

So I just took out my hair this morning and here is my kink... I remember I got quite some number of readers complaining about my hair, well you have to deal with it o ehn...

The weather is a crazy one, so I'm wearing a pokadot see through shiffon and an high waisted short. I'm almost done with my hair and I'm enjoying the comfort and I can complain less about the heat.

It's something you will definitely have in your closet, coz I just searched through mine and found them.

Have a fabulous weekend guys!


  1. Vry nyc ur hair is kill'n me oooooo!

  2. Nice. what did u do to ur hair? I love it

    1. Hi dear! Nothing really special, but I'm forced to work on a post on it as the questions on it is **wheew** lol.. Pls check back for the post! Cheers.


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