Friday, March 22, 2013

Fashionista Of The Week: Bukunmi Adeaga

Hi everyone, hope we are all well? I dunno, but i need a favour from everyone. Ive been trusting God for a request over atleast, 20years now, but i want to believe since he said he answers at his own time, he should surely know best, but its taking forever!
Dont let me get too personal and i really coudnt be better than this!.

Our today's Fashionista is Bukunmi Adeaga, we schooled together and im a witness to her fashion forwardness. I wish i got more pictures from her but here are the few! Do enjoy!

 1. Give us some basic information about you - my name is adeaga Oluwabukunmi. studied mass comm (Bowen Uni)  msc in marketing (London school of biz and finance) and tailoring, couture and pattern cutting (London college of fashion).

2. Apart from fashion what else - apart frm this. I'm a presenter. Done minor jobs but we coming up. Love makeup guess dts still part of fashion.

3. What is your greatest Fashion pet-peeve - the way pple follow trend without putting their personal style or body fit into consideration annoys me.

4. What do u love about fashion - the fact that every
thing means something. It's ability to explore one's imagination.
5. What can't u be caught doing - having my hair untidy or a wrong hair style.

6. What do u do for fun- gist, design, movies and most importantly fabric shopping.

7. Describe yourself- mingle easily and never bored.

8. What is the Fashion item I can't do without - wristwatch.

9. Anything to say about my blog- it's a good style tab. Me likey.
Thank you Bukunmi, follow bunmi on Instagram and Keek: @kie_kie__

Have a lovely weekend guys!

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  1. Nd dt was my besti nyc 1 luk'n gud evrydey.

  2. Ella that a nice job! Keep it up

  3. I know her....Fashionista of life. :*

  4. Like her style, its matured

  5. Nice one ur outfit in d 3rd pic

  6. Dats my kiekie, keep it up dear.

  7. Go Kiekie, go kiekie, go kiekie, nice one girlfriend, she's indeed a fashionista.....

    Enitan (lasting memories events managers)

  8. The teal dress looks lik a dorothy perkins.

  9. Bunmi has a lovely style and for me i think she knows what she's doing


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